I. General Provisions
1. Hereby policy specifies the rules of making purchases in the internet store GREENPOINT.PL operating at address: www.greenpoint.pl and which is operated by the Seller.
2. Each time the Policy mentions:
a) Seller – understood as Greenpoint S.A., based in Kraków at Domagały 3, registered in the National Register the District Court of Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, XI Commercial Division of the National Court Register, entry no. KRS KRS 0000094074, NIP 6760000782, REGON 003900483;

b) Client – understood as a natural person with limited capacity to perform acts in law and who is over 18 years of age, as well as a legal person, or an organizational unit with or without corporate existence and capacity to perform acts in law;

c) Store – understood as the internet store GREENPOINT.PL operated by the Seller at internet address www.greenpoint.pl;

d) Commodity or Commodities – understood as items offered by the Seller to be sold in retail and available in the Store.
e) Price – understood as net price of the Commodity provided next to the Commodity description, expressed in Polish zloty and not including Shipment Costs.

f) Deliverer – understood as Slovak Post or carrier company co-operating with the Seller.

g) Shipment Costs – understood as payment required for delivering Commodities to the Client.

h) Order – understood as Commodity or Commodities ordered by the Client in the Store in accordance with hereby Policy. Orders can be placed in the Store 24 hour a day throughout the whole year.
2. Seller declares that all products available in store GREENPOINTFASSHION.PL are brand new, free from any physical or legal faults  and have been legally introduced to Polish market.
3. Information provided on the Store’s website do not constitute an offer within the meaning of Civil Code. Product information and prices presented on the Store’s website constitute an invitation to placing offers by the Clients.
4. Discounts granted to the owners of GREENPOINT loyalty card are honored also with online orders.
5. Store’s Clients are obliged to provide their true and current personal data.
6. Pustuant to the article 2 item 5 of The Act of 23 August 2007 on combating unfair commercial practices, Store is obliged to apply the Code of Good Practice understood as a set of principles, especially ethical and professional, which apply to the entrepreneurs who declared to comply with at least one or more commercial practices.

II. Types, scope and provisions of on-line services
1. Greenpointfashion.com conducts the sales of goods via internet Store Greenpointfashion.pl and provides the “NEWSLETTER” service. The provision of services specified in the Policy is being familiar with the Policy and acceptance of its provisions.
2. Services provided on-line and pursuant to hereby Policy relate to the permission to use internet Store Greenpointfasshion.com with aim to seal and complete the purchase agreement; “NEWSLETTER” service relates to sending messages with information about the recent sales offer.
3. “NEWSLETTER” service is free and requires consent to receiving commercial offers, as well as providing e-mail address to which the messages shall be sent.
4. In order to benefit from services provided pursuant to hereby Policy, the User shall have:
Internet browser: Internet Explorer in version not older than 8.0, or Firefox in version not older than 9.0, or Chrome in version not Older than 10.0, or Opera in version not older than 10.0,
Java Script turned on,
Cookies turned on,
Active e-mail address.

III. Order performance conditions
1. After registering and logging in to the web page www.greenpointfashion.com, Client places the order in which they select product/s of their interest by clicking on “ADD TO BASKET” command, indicate the manner of delivery and payment, and confirm the order.
2. Registration process is required only once. Login and password chosen by Client are confidential.
3. After placing the Order, Client receives a confirmation e-mail (which includes the list of chosen products, delivery address, overall price of the order, manner of payment and shipping). Processing of the order is held until the Store receives confirmation from the Client.
4. Accepting the order for processing starts after:

a. in the case of payment on delivery – after receiving Client’s confirmation of the order,

b. in the case of order payments via bank transfer or PayU – after the prepayment has been entered-in on the Store’s account;

c. in the case of order payments via credit or payment card – after the correct authorization of the card
5. Processing of the Clients’ orders is conducted during the work days (with exception to the days when Stores depots are closed), usually within 72 hours from the Client’s confirmation of the order or from the moment of entering-in the full payment for the order by the Store. The processing may take more time due to the ongoing special offers.
6. Product of Order is delivered to the Client with the bill of sale, i.e.  fiscal receipt or VAT invoice, if such a document was required by the Contracting entity while placing the Order and all necessary data for issuing such a document were provided.

IV. Rules for payments
1. Amount of money required for the Commodity and Shipment costs may be made in following manners:

In cash (on delivery), in the case of delivery of the Commodity by the Deliverer; with credit card – via on-line payment system available on the Store’s website, if the Client’s card allows them to do so; via bank transfer or PayU service.

V. Delivery of the Order
1. Delivery of the order takes place through sending ordered products to the address provided by the Client, by available shipping services (carriers), e.g. Slovak Post/messenger service. In such case cost of the order will increase by the shipment cost in accordance with the costs of postage.

2. Client shall check the condition of package on receipt. If the case of claiming any loss of defect of ordered items, please undertake all the steps necessary for establishing responsibility of the carrier, with special attention to drawing-up the protocol describing the condition of delivered items and circumstances in which the defect has emerged, and signing the document by both carrier and the receiver of the package.

VI. Returning of the purchased Commodity
1. Consumer is entitled to withdrawal of hereby agreement without giving any reason within the period of 30 days. Period of withdrawal ends after 30 days from delivery to the Consumer. Consumer is obliged to inform the Store in order to exercise their right to withdrawal
2. Store should receive the information about withdrawal in form of traditional letter, fax or an e-mail. Consumer may, but is not obliged to, use a withdrawal form template.

Withdrawal form
3. Sending the information about exercising the right to withdrawal during the period of 30 days form receiving the package is the only step which is required from the Consumer in order to maintain the withdrawal period.
4. In the case of withdrawal, the Store will return all the payments received from the Client in the original transaction, including the costs of shipment (except from additional costs being result of Consumer choosing the manner of delivery different from the cheapest regular manner offered by the Store) immediately, or within 14 days from the date in which the Store received information about Consumer’s decision on exercising their right to withdrawal from hereby agreement.
5. The Store will return the payment in the same manner as the original transaction was made, unless another solution is indicated; no case would require any additional fees for the return. We may hold the return until receiving the items or the receipt of sending the items, depending on which would occur first.
6. Consumer should return the item immediately, or within the period of 30 days from informing the Store about the withdrawal. The period is maintained if the Consumer returns the item before the 30-day period has passed. Consumer is obliged to cover all the costs of returning items.

Address to which the items shall be returned:

1. In the case of Clients who are consumers, the Seller is responsible for the Product being different from described in the agreement. In the case of Clients who are not consumers, the Seller will be pursuant to provisions of the Civil Code.
2. All products offered in the Store have producer’s warranty. Time of the warranty is defined in the description of each product provided on the pages of the Store.
3. The Store is responsible for the Product being different from described in the agreement if the sold item is vitiated by a defect which decreases its value or utility; if the product lacks features guaranteed by the Store in the product description; if the product was delivered incomplete, which was beyond Client’s knowledge in the moment of sealing  the agreement.
4. Informing about the defect within 24 months from the date on which it was detected is the condition under which the right to withdrawal can be exercised. The Client is entitled to: withdrawal, having the price decreased, replacement of defected item for another with no defect, or removal of the defect. The complaint will be examined by the Store within 14 days after having the item of complaint with all necessary documents received by the Store. In the case of need for the expert opinion, the time of examining the complaint may extend to 21 calendar days
5. Please, return the item of complaint to the address:

1. Seller is the manager of Client’s personal data processed within the Store.
2. User remains anonymous till their first order in the Store, newsletter subscription or filling-in the contact form on the Store’s website. These cases require providing specified contact data which are then forwarded to the Store.
3. Client’s personal data are processed in aim of processing of the orders placed via the Store, pursuant to article 6(1)(b) RODO. Clients’ personal data may also be processed by the Seller for the purposes of statistical analysis, archiving, or prosecution of claims related to processing of the orders placed via the Store, i.e. pursuant to article 6(1)(f) RODO, as well as after prior consent to the newsletter subscription, i.e. article 6(1)(a) RODO.
4. Providing personal data is voluntary, but lack of consent to processing personal data results in inability to register and process Client’s orders in the Store. Client is entitled to the right of insight to and correction of the provided personal data, as well as their removal.
Client may agree to receiving commercial information from the Seller via electronic means. Such consent is given by the Client by selecting an appropriate option on the registration form.
Giving this consent is not necessary for processing the Order.
5. Seller will process Clients’ personal data throughout the time of Client’s profile exists within the Store, through processing the orders, as well as throughout the period of  five full years after the year of Client’s last order in the Store.
6. Clients’ personal data are processed within the Store or may be forwarded to other subjects via whom the Seller provides services available within the Store, e.g. an IT company, hosting agent, accounting company, carrier, postal operator.
7. Client is entitled to the access to their personal data processed within the Store, right to their correction or limiting the processing, portability, and, in justified cases, to raising objections to processing. If Client’s personal data are processed in accordance with Clients consent, i.e. for the needs of processing the newsletter subscription, Client is entitled to withdraw their consent by contacting the Seller using the contact information provided on our website.  
8. Client is entitled to the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, i.e. Personal Data Protection Office, in justified cases of irregularities of processing their personal data.

IX. Final provisions
1. The Policy enters into force on 25 May 2018.
2. Seller is entitled to revise the Policy for future effect. Modifications of the Policy shall enter into force with the moment of their announcement on the Store’s web page. Modifications cannot affect the right of the Contracting party which resulted from Orders placed prior to introducing the changes.
3. Any disputes related to the services provided by the Store shall be settled by the Courts of Law. Client who is a consumer is entitled to the possibility of having recourse to an out-of-court complaint and redress mechanism before the Permanent Consumer Court of Arbitration in presence of Regional Inspector of Trade Inspection in Warsaw. Information about the access to this procedures of settling disputes are available at the following address: www.uokik.gov.pl, sub-page „Rozstrzyganie sporów konsumenckich”.