Manager of Clients of online store’s data is Greenpoint S.A. based in Kraków at Domagały 3.

Your passed personal data are stored and secured in accordance with the rules specified in legislation in force, including the provision of regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 of regulation of the European Parliament and Council on protection of personal data of natural persons related to processing of personal data and free movement of such data, and the repeal of Directive 95/46/WE.

Store limits the use of their Clients’ personal data to the minimum necessary for processing orders on-line.

Our Clients’ personal data are processed in aim of processing of the orders placed via the Store, issuing the bill of sale (receipt or VAT invoice), and shipment of products, pursuant to article 6(1)(b) RODO. Clients’ personal data may also be processed by the Seller for the purposes of statistical analysis, archiving, or prosecution of claims related to processing of the orders placed via the Store, i.e. pursuant to article 6(1)(f) RODO, as well as after prior consent to the newsletter subscription, i.e. article 6(1)(a) RODO.

Providing store’s client’s personal data is necessary for registration purposes, processing of the orders placed within the Store and newsletter subscription. Lack of data required in particular forms results in inability of benefiting from services provided by Store. will process Clients’ personal data throughout the time of Client’s profile exists within the Store, through processing the orders, as well as throughout the period of five full years after the year of Client’s last order in the Store.

Clients’ personal data are processed within the Store or may be forwarded to other subjects via whom the Seller provides services available within the Store, e.g. an IT company, hosting agent, accounting company, carrier, postal operator.

Client is entitled to the access to their personal data processed within the Store, right to their correction or limiting the processing, portability, and, in justified cases, to raising objections to processing. Client who has registered to our Store may modify their personal data by themselves after logging in to their account HERE.

Client is entitled to the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, i.e. Personal Data Protection Office, in justified cases of irregularities of processing their personal data.

Personal data of Clients who agreed to receiving the newsletter shall also be used in purpose of providing information about special offers and new products in our store. Client is entitled to withdraw their consent to receiving the newsletter. All that is needed is to write an e-mail to [email protected] or click on the link in the byline of every nesletter.

Cookie files

Cookie files are helpful for identifying Client’s software. Manager uses profiling processes if form of cookie files in purpose of improving the Store in accordance with individual preferences of each Client. Cookies used by the Manager are safe for Client’s software.

Store GREENPOINT S.A. implements the functions of gathering information about Clients and their behavior in the following manner:

from data voluntarily provided in the forms,

from cookie files uploaded to the target devices,

from www logs gathered by the hosting operator.

The Store uses two types of cookie files:

session cookies: temporary files which are stored on Client’s target device until logging out, leaving the web page or switching off the software (browser),

persistent cookies: stored on the Client’s target device for limited period of time specified in the parameters of cookie files or until being removed by the Client.

Software used for browsing web pages (internet browser) usually allows storing cookie files on the device by default. Client may modify the settings in order to deny downloading and storing cookies. Browser allows deleting cookie files. Ability of instant blocking cookie files is also possible to set. More detailed information is available in help or documentation of the browser.

Restricting cookie files may affect functioning of websites.

Information regarding some of the Clients’ behaviors are subjected to logging on server level. These data are used for store administration purposes and fluency of service only.

Store gathers data provided by the Client voluntarily. Store is entitled to automatic saving of connection parameters (time record, IP address).

Data provided in the form are processed in purpose specified by a particular form, e.g. for finalizing the Registration or processing the Order.

The Administrator requires cookies for:

adjusting Store’s web content in accordance with Client’s preferences and optimizing Shop’s website use;

maintaining the session for Store’s Client, so that the Client would not need to type in their login and password on every sub-page;

Improving the management of the Partner Program, especially by means of redirecting Clients to the Store’s web pages;

creating anonymous statistics which are helpful in understanding the way in which Store’s Clients use the web pages of the Store, which helps to improve their structure and content;

collecting general and anonymous statistic data via internal and external analytical tools;

showing ads adjusted to the Client’s preferences, with use of external advertising tools;

logging in to the Store via social media services, e.g.;

using interactive functions in order to popularize the Store via social media services;

using interactive functions downloaded from exterior social media service in order to improve the communication via Store’s web page.

Clients may obtain all the information regarding access, changing and correcting or deleting personal data by contacting us at the address: