You can search products in our store in the following way:

1. Select the menu section of your interest in the menu on the top of the page (COLLECTION, OUTLET).

2. Now you can look through all products from selected section or narrow down the search to a specific category, e.g. Blouses and shirts, Tops, Sweaters, Skirts, etc.

3. You can also pick filters screened on the left and further narrow down the search to a specific type, size or color.
After finding a product which appeals to you, choose appropriate size and color and click on “Add to basket” button on the right side of the product description.


Products will be added to your basket, content of which you will see every time you add another product. Adding product to the basket is not equal to final decision on purchase. You will be able to remove any product before you place the order. You will also be able to change the quantity of ordered items. In order to continue shopping, click on “Continue shopping”; content of your basket will be saved through all your time spent in our store.

You will have constant access to your basket while going through our offer – link to its content is on the very top of the page. The basket will show all the selected items, with their description, color and size, quantity and price. Summed up price at the bottom applies to the products only and does not include shipment costs which depend on the overall price of order and will be added later.


Time of delivery, which is specified next to each of our products, depends on the availability of the product. Availability translates to the time required to send the item by GREENPOINT.PL store. 24H availability does not mean that the Client would receive their order within 48 hours.

The package will be sent within 48 hours (work days) after receiving the payment.

Please remember that the time of delivery depends also on the selected manner of order.
Delivery is free for orders over 35 euros.


Select the manner in which you wish to pay for your order:
1. Electronic payment via payment service PayU can be paid:

-via regular bank transfer within 3 work days from placing the order, to the bank account BGŻ BNP Paribas 56160010130002001160654151 (type in the order number in the descripion)

-fast electronic bank transfer
2. On delivery – you will pay with cash to the postman or carrier who would deliver your order.


After completing all the data regarding the order, you will be asked to provide address of delivery. You will see a window with two options:

1. If you are already registered to our store, all you need to do is type in your login and password – all the data required for delivery will be filled in automatically. If you wish for the order to be delivered to a different address, all you need to do is provide correct data.

2. Provide data required for delivery of your order. In order to register in our store, you will need to set a password under which your data and orders will be stored.


After having your shipping address provided, you will see your basket with all the data again. Make sure that all the data are correct and then click “SEND ORDER”. Your order will be then forwarded for processing.


In the case when payment by bank transfer was chosen, we will wait for the payment for 14 days. After this period the order will get cancelled.
Please, contact us if in case if you would like to complete the ordering procedure.